Getting started with Word Press

I’m new to posting on WordPress and pretty new to blogging. It’s a whole new world to figure out, and has felt like it steals time from actual sharing, just to figure out how to do the technical things, (It’s been driving me a bit batty) So I signed up to a few different blog sites, using the same name, to figure out which served my purposes best. I think I’ve decided to primarily use a Weebly site, but WordPress seems to offer more ability to link up with like minded bloggers. So this is my attempt to see if I can use this page to link to my weebly account, thereby getting the best of more than one world. I’d appreciate feedback as to wether or not this works. Thanks! (If anyone is even out there)

So hopefully you can get there from here.  http://flowersfeatherswoolandwetdogs.weebly.comFeatured image

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